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Frequently Asked Questions

Started as a personal blog in 2019, then transformed into a free resource distribution platform, SuperHori.Com is a project that seeks to promote certain free resources for the Minecraft community and beyond.

I know how unpleasant it is to find a well-made site that costs money. That's why I try to offer quality but free services. Also, the vast majority of the resources I create are developed in progress with the experience I gain from HTML, css and other courses.

Resources that no longer receive updates from the developer are moved to a "Legacy" category and are still available for download.

Of course. We also plan to create resources for a fee. These remain a plan for the future. But the vast majority of the resources available on our site will remain free.

Given that the SuperHori.Com project is a project with mostly free resources, the donations you make help pay for the servers we have. Also, from the donations made by you, we manage to purchase new modules for the site and not only.