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[Free] BungeeCord Setup Premade - Now HEX Colors

[Free] BungeeCord Setup Premade - Now HEX Colors

[1.2] Free Minecraft Bungeecord server

BungeeCord Premade

Short info:

This server was created 1 year ago when I started publishing ready-made Minecraft servers for beginners. Since then it has not received any updates, the project for it being abandoned. But everything until today. Today, October 4, 2022, the server received a new update probably expected by many of you. Starting today, the server comes under our care and we offer free technical assistance for everyone. This is received on our Discord server and is done within the limit of our available time that we have.

Do you want something better?

We present the premium version of this setup. This can be purchased for 3 Euros on our website (click) or on Mc-Market (click [Not approved at the moment]). In addition to the facilities that this server also has, the premium version comes with many other configurations designed for all those who are beginners. Also, people who have purchased the premium version have higher priority for tickets compared to those who use the free version. But we offer technical assistance to everyone.

Files for running the server:

We also provide the necessary files to be able to launch the server on your own computer with Windows or Linux. These files are also valid for launching the server on a VPS/VDS or Dedicated server running Windows (from XP to 11) or Linux.

What is new in this setup version?

I made small changes to this setup to bring it up to date with all the updates. Here's what's new in this version.

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19.X
  • New HEX MOTD
  • New MOTD plugin
  • SkinsRestorer removed by default
  • All plugin was updated to the latest version

Optional plugins for setup?

  1. Authme Bridge: click here for download
  2. SkinsRestorer: click here for download

Plugins we recommend for setup?

  1. Parties&Friends [free]: click here for download
  2. AdvancedBan [free]: click here for download
  3. Ultimate Anti-Bot [free]: click here for download

MOTD preview:

HEX colors are only visible from Minecraft version 1.16. 

Download a copy for free


Total Downloads
First Release
10 Oct 2021
Last Release
04 Oct 2022
Minecraft Servers

Version 1.2

04 Oct 2022, 12:08