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Welcome to the SuperHori Studios online store. Here you will find a variety of services that you can purchase and that I, together with my team, will do for you. Starting from website configurations, up to Minecraft servers and more. Practically, this store is a simple, simpler option to purchase services that we had published on freelancer sites (example fiverr).

About us

SuperHori.Com was born in 2017 when I opened a simple Minecraft server that enjoyed a great success at the time. After a Minecraft server that worked for 1 year, we decided to close the project because the funds for the administration and payment of the servers were already too high and some of the players had moved to the newer servers. In 2019 we reopened this website on which we started to publish different resources. Currently, our website is dedicated to the digital resources we create. In the future, opening a minecraft server.

Payment and delivery time

Currently, the services in the online store can be purchased through automatic payment made using Stripe, PayPal or BitPave. You can also purchase a payment through methods not implemented on the website, such as Skrill or Revolut. We recommend that you read the entire list of terms and conditions before placing an order. Once the service is purchased, you must contact us to give us information about the project. Information can be provided on Discord through a private message or ticket. A service can be completed within 2-3 working days or 7+ days depending on its complexity.

For parents

All payments are processed through our secure payment gateways, which will allow you to make a safe and seamless payment! If the child used your bank account or took money without asking for your consent, please contact us urgently by email: contact@superhori.com