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👋 Welcome

Welcome to the official SuperHori.Com documentation.
We are happy to announce that our Wiki system has come back to life with the help of reflexLabs and the Wiki module for NamelessMC. From 25 October 2022 we will be working on adding the necessary documentation for every resource available on our website.

❓ About SuperHori Studios

SuperHori.Com emerged in 2019 as a brainchild, conceived with the ambitious notion of establishing a personal blog that would serve as a platform for sharing an eclectic mix of content spanning various domains. However, the initial endeavor encountered challenges and failed to attain the envisioned success. Undeterred by setbacks, the creators pivoted towards a new venture—an online radio station that could seamlessly integrate into popular gaming platforms like FiveM or SA:MP servers.

The radio station quickly gained traction, experiencing a surge in popularity within the first two months post-launch. Its impact was palpable as it seamlessly found its way into the virtual landscapes of 10 FiveM and SA:MP servers, attracting a dedicated audience of over 80 listeners on a daily basis. The initial success, however, was accompanied by an unexpected obstacle, abruptly halting the project's momentum. The impediment stemmed from the inability to procure the necessary paperwork required for operating the radio legally.

Undeterred by this setback, the visionary behind SuperHori.Com channelled their creative energies into a new initiative—this very website. Serving as a digital haven for the publication of diverse resources, the site quickly evolved into the most triumphant project under their management. Each day is now infused with the joy of overseeing and contributing to the success of this thriving platform.

SuperHori.Com stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability, with its journey embodying the spirit of overcoming challenges and transforming setbacks into opportunities. The site, now a flourishing hub of resources, symbolizes the passion and dedication that fuels its ongoing success, making it a project worth celebrating and cherishing every day.

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