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Portal Page v2 - Documentation
    Here you will find all the necessary information about the resource: Portal Page v2 - Clean HTML Template.
    If you encounter any issues while modifying this resource, please open a ticket in the customer account or join our discord server. Our team can offer help at any time so please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. How can I edit the background of this resource?
    By default, the background is a 1280x720px gif file. Changing it can be done either by replacing the default gif with one of your choice, or by replacing it with any image either .jpg or .png format. (You can find the file in ./img/ as background.gif.)

* If you intend to change the background into an static image please follow the steps below carefully.
   1.1 Find the repository ./css/ and open stylesheet.css with any text editor.
   1.2 Go to line 7 and replace 'background.gif' with your file name and extension. (example: image.png)

Use the key combination Ctrl+S to save the file. Done!

2. How do I change the website logo?
    To change the logo, follow the steps below.

   2.1 Find the repository ./img/ and upload your new logo (preferably .jpg or .png) either with the name logo.png or with another name followed by the chosen extension.
     * If the new logo is called logo.png you can stop here but if it has a different name, please follow the steps below.

   2.2 In the main folder, open index.html  and find line 27. Once you're there, replace 'logo.png' with the your file name followed by the extension used. (example: newlogo.png)

  2.3 Use the key combination Ctrl+S to save the file. Done!

3. How do I change the server ip?
    By default, the configuration provides information about the number of players connected to the To change it, follow the steps below carefully.

   3.1 In the main folder, find index.html and open it with any text editor.
   3.2 Go to line 32 and replace with your DNS or server IP. (If your server uses a custom port, change it.)
Here's an example: data-ip="" data-port="25565".

   3.3 Replace the ip from the next line too.

4. How do I change the buttons' link?
    The buttons that come to the site, by default, do not hide any links with redirects to various sites. To add links, follow the steps below carefully.

   4.1 Open index.html with your favorite text editor and find line 38. Here is the point wher buttons start.
   4.2 Find href="#" and replace with your link. For example: href="".

   4.3 To edit social media links, you need to find line 59 and use all informations available to step 4.2.

   4.4 If you want to add more buttons, you need to use FontAwesome v5's icons.
      4.4.1 To add more big buttons, you need to copy all content from lines 38-42 or 44-48 or 50-54 and paste after line 54.


      4.4.2 To add more social network buttons, you need to copy a line to choose from 59 and 64 and paste it after live 64.
   4.3 To delete a button, follow the steps above.
This page is constantly being edited according to user requirements. If you believe that other information that may help users is missing, please communicate it to us by a ticket on the site, a discounted ticket or at the email address